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About us and What we do

Ground Support Systems (Aust) is an Australian company with comprehensive capabilities in the field of trench shoring and hire.

Here at GSS we believe we set the benchmark in shoring systems for trenchless technology and civil excavations and we are 100% committed to quality, customer service and value for money. 

With GSS’s wide range of shoring equipment we can easily meet project needs, whether you are in the Drainage, Plumbing, Underground Boring, Civil Engineering or Construction Industry.

The ever increasing expense of ensuring safety at excavation sites needs to be balanced against minimising the costs. The GSS system will reduce your exposure to the hazards of trench collapse whilst optimising the effort and cost of trenching in unpredictable ground conditions.

All of GSS trench boxes are certified to and exceed Australian Standards AS4744.1-2000.

Since 2016, we have expanded our capabilities to water table management through dewatering , water treatment and pumping equipment hire. 

We now provide our valued customers with turnkey dewatering service and a full range of pumping equipment for ground water control solutions on their projects. Not only that, we also offer solutions to your construction water supply requirement as well as environmental management services. 

Our skilled team of dewatering and pump  technicians have a combination of 25 years dewatering and environmental experience and proven track records in delivering successful, cost-effective dewatering projects .

With our extensive range of fleet and equipment, we have them readily available to undertake your dewatering scope of works.



 HDA High Clearance Arches       

 Well-point Dewatering

 HT6 Heavy Duty Steel Shoring

 Deep Well Dewatering

 Heavy Duty Aluminium Shoring

Pump & Dewatering Equipment Hire        

 HT6 High Clearance Arches

Construction Water Equipment

 Lightweight Aluminium Shoring

Water Testing & Treatment

 Hydraulic Aluminium Vertical Shores

Bore Installation & Maintenance 

 Medium Duty Shoring

Project Management

 Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Around The Clock Monitoring




We stock a wide range of shoring and pumping equipment suitable for multiple applications across many industries.

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