GSS offers turn-key dewatering solutions for groundwater control across all site conditions. The Dewatering process begins with an assessment of site. We formulate a design, organize the drilling of bore wells, and complete installation and commissioning.


GSS has designed, drilled, and installed dewatering bore fields across many projects. We also specialize in the design, supply, and install of a variety of dewatering systems including:

  • Wellpoint dewatering

  • Deep well dewatering

  • Open pump dewatering

  • Horizontal dewatering



Since 2016, we have expanded our capabilities to water table management through dewatering, water treatment, and pumping equipment hire. 

We now provide our valued customers with turnkey packages including dewatering service and a full range of pumping equipment for groundwater control solutions on their projects. Not only that, but we also offer solutions to your construction water supply requirement as well as environmental management services.  

With a combination of water management services and shoring equipment, we can offer a complete supportive package on your next project.


Here at GSS we believe we set the benchmark in shoring & dewatering systems for trenchless technology and civil excavations and we are 100% committed to quality, customer service and value for money. With GSS’s wide range of shoring and dewatering equipment we can easily meet project needs, whether you are in the Drainage, Plumbing, Underground Boring, Civil Engineering or Construction Industry.


  • Water Transfer Pumping

  • Sump Pumping

  • Bypass Pumping

  • Construction Water Pumping


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