HDA High Clearance Arches

 Model & DescriptionWeightPipe
 Pin-in-Place Spreader Arch         Metric length only(mm)

HDA High Clearance 

See below for extensions                     

510 2400

*Conforms with Australian Standards AS 4744.1-2000
*Soil & site conditions should be assessed by a qualified person prior to installation.

Arch Extension Description            Weight
300mm Arch Extension 85
500mm Arch Extension 106
600mm Arch Extension 116
900mm Arch Extension 146
1000mm Arch Extension 156
1200mm Arch Extension 176
1500mm Arch Extension 206
2000mm Arch Extension 257



  1. Maximum extension length, or combination of extensions = 4.5m
  2. Maximum overall Arch width including extensions is 6m
  3. Fits Ground Support Systems HDA and XLAP5 shoring shields 
  4. HDA Arches can be used with any Aluminium Ground Support Shoring System without any pentalty in depth rating
  5. Refer to aluminium shoring system data for KPA ratings in various sized shoring boxes


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