North Road Albany

North Road Pumping Station | Albany

 GSS Hire were engaged by A.D. Contractors Pty Ltd to undertake the dewatering for the refurbishment of pump station pipes on North Road, Albany.

Works involved the installation of wellpoint spears of 6 metres deep with a back-up open pump. This surrounded the perimeter of the existing pump station to control the groundwater that had 3.5 metres of dewatering drawdown with groundwater being near 1 metre below surface within the fine/silty sand, ground conditions. The existing surface was cored to allow for the installation of the spears with the dewatering discharge directed into the adjacent pond. Furthermore, the pipework that connected to the existing wet well was bedded on bluemetal resulting in the water flowing atop this which required further management.

 Of note, GSS Hire successfully installed the perimeter wellpoint system all within one (1) day. Furthermore, GSS Hire shoring boxes were utilised to minimize the excavation footprint.

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