Perth Ground Water Recharge Pipeline Stage 2 | Wanneroo


GSS Hire are currently engaged by Civcon Civil and Project Management to undertake the dewatering for this extensive groundwater replenishment project  located adjacent to Lake Joondalup, Wanneroo. The majority of the pipeline route follows the Lake Joondalup eastern shore. GSS Hire have installed approximately 1,000m since the project started and it is anticipated that near 4,000m of open trenched pipeline will require dewatering in total. Dewatering rates of up to 14L/second have occurred with some sections of work requiring up to 3.5 metres of dewatering drawdown with groundwater being less than 1 metre below surface.

Dewatering works have included the coordination of up to nine (9) dewatering pumps at any one time allowing the trenching crew to have dewatering established well in advance of the current pipe laying for works to be continuous. Furthermore, the alignment follows a course to ensure the heavily vegetated protected trees are not disrupted.ue to the long/large extent of works, multiple discharge locations have been arranged in consultation with our client to ensure discharge hose is maintained at manageable lengths. In addition, GSS Hire have successfully installed and removed up to 250m of spears on any one day demonstrating our ability to be proficient.

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