Water Treatment System


Our unparalled experience is not just on dewatering, we are also very familiar with the processes involved with the treatment and management  of ground water. We offer a variety of groundwater treatment options. Water that has been withdrwawn from the ground will be adjusted to a level that is environmentally acceptable, prior to discharge. One of the most common ways to treat this ground water is through a Water Treatment Unit (WTU). The WTU is a fully automated system that  is desgined to chemically treat the water prior to the water being discharged back into the environment. These units are monitored reqularly to ensure that the water being discharged meets the required levels, in a accordance with governing bodies.

To ensure that the WTU is correctly setup and water is treated effectively, and monitored in the appropriate manner we only use experienced technicians to commsion the units. Daily field testing is completed to ensure that treatment remains consistent and with in the required specifications. 


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