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Dewatering Queensland

See Our Latest Projects From Construction Sites Across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast Area. 

Azzure Apartments 

Walter Iezzi Property Group

Dewatering Spears, Water Treatment, Project Management 

GSS was the selected dewatering contractor to provide groundwater management for the proposed double basement excavation for the Azzure Apartment project in Bokarina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

With over a 5-meter drawdown from existing groundwater levels required, GSS installed over 120 meters of dewatering spears along the sheet-piled perimeter. These systems were installed specifically to take advantage of the challenging ground conditions located on site due to the natural impermeable clays cutting diagonally through the middle of the site. 

In addition, large water treatment units were also established on the construction site to allow the discharged water to successfully meet the strict release criteria set by the Sunshine Coast Council. This had proved an extremely challenging process as the iron and heavy metals levels within the raw groundwater exceeded the criteria by up to 3,700%

Azzure Layout 1.png

What to look for in a dewatering company?

Fast and Reliable Support
Construction sites are a forever changing landscape with a million variables. Make sure you choose the team that supports your project day and night, rain, hail or shine.

Si Bilinga Apartments 

GCB Constructions

Deep Wells, Dewatering Spears, Project Management 

With highly permeable sands down to 10m and very close proximity to the ocean, GSS had the challenge to provide a solution for a double basement construction in Bilinga along the Gold Coast in QLD 

With over a 4-meter drawdown required, a set of deep wells were installed to provide up to 20L/s of volume removal. Due to an unknown indurated sands layer found at 10m along with existing sheet piles only extending to 8m, the deep wells eventually became insufficient to deal with the hydraulic grade that flowed horizontally along the indurated sands (Coffee Rock) 

SiBilinga 3D Dewatering layout.jpeg

This recharge of groundwater was consistent as it flowed from the Gold Coast airport west of site to the beach head directly east. To capture this, a wellpoint system was installed along the perimeter which was later buried to provide constant dewatering during the excavation and construction process. The wellpoints efficiently kept the site dry and prevented any further delays 

Why Choose GSS?

We Let Our Customers Answer That.
"require custom-made shoring or dewatering and we go nowhere else but Ground Support Systems (Aust) . Leading from the front at GSS is big Mitch Moore ,Mick Gander ,Gaven Mead Josh Hockley  All these boys will answer their phone at any time of the day/night and bend over backward to make sure they deliver an exceptional product to suit all our jobs.

Brookland Retirement Village

FDC Construction

Drilling, Dewatering Spears, Project Management 

GSS was the main company to provide groundwater management for stage 2 of the proposed single basement excavation for the Brookland Retirement Village located only 15 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Nestled in Robertson, QLD the dewatering spears required pre auguring due to the stiff clays located through out site.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Raynor Plumbing

Dewatering Spears, Water Treatment, Project Management 

With groundwater trapped in saturated sandy clays beneath the surface, GSS was required to remove problem water by installing wellpoints, allowing for a safe and dry excavation of the proposed tank pits. In addition GSS established water treatment unit on site to allow for discharged effluent to meet strict disposal criteria ensuring minimal impact to the surrounding environmental 


Emergency Repair Works

Gold Coast City Council

Dewatering Spears, After Hours Call Out

With a failed water main along one of the busiest roads in Gold coast, GSS was engaged after one phone call to provide a dewatering ​system to allow for safe and dry excavation of the pressure main. As soon as the phone call came through on Saturday afternoon, our crew was on site and installing within the hour.


The Verge - Stage 3

Hutchinson Builders

Drilling, Dewatering Spears, Water Treatment, Project Management 

With a successful stage 2, GSS was brought back to The Verge for stage 3 basement construction located in Miami Beach, Gold Coast, QLD. With a multi layer soil strata consisting of indurated sands, GSS crew pre-angered 200 meters of wellpoint system around the sheet piled basement perimeter. This also included GSS settlement tanks for Heavy metal reduction to meet disposal requirements. 

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