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Ground Support Systems introduces a unique carbon-reducing alternative: our wide range of electric-driven dewatering units. Featuring two heavy-duty Grindex internal pumps, these units deliver a reliable and constant water-air mixture, ensuring optimal performance.

Thanks to their highly efficient design, our units offer nearly double the effectiveness of traditional diesel-driven dewatering pumps. Embrace eco-friendly solutions without compromising on power.

To learn more about our cutting-edge technology, reach out to your nearest branch today. Let us help you achieve efficient and sustainable dewatering for your projects. Contact us now!


- Duel internal Grindex pumps
- Extract up to 40 L/s depending on soil conditions
- High performance and low maintenance
- Site power or generator required
- Continuous and unattended operation, even while running dry

*Soil & site conditions should be assessed by a qualified person prior to installation.

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Hudig Pump.png
Piston  pump.png

Ground Support System’s fully silenced canopy diesel dewatering pumps are also available in electric with a simple conversion. Used in either single or multi-stage setups, the pumps can provide single-line, dual-stage, or perimeter dewatering capabilities.

* Requires a 3-phase connection either from a nearby g
enerator or mains power.

* 5.5 kw electric motor - Subject to availability 




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