Pipe Test Equipment

Ground Support Systems has a large selection of Multi-size flow through test plugs that are suitable for multiple applications including blanking, sewer bypassing and conducting Vacuum or Low Pressure Air Test on pipelines ranging in size from 150mm to 1200mm in diameter

Low Pressure Test Kits and Vacuum Test Pumps are supplied with all hoses and NATA certified gauges to enable the required tests to be carried out.

Smoke Testing units also available - Smoke testing is an effective way to locate defects, water leaks & illegal connections in underground or in-wall pipes, sewer & stormwater systems

SizeRange of useBypassMax back pressureMax inflation pressure
150mm – 200mm 133 – 212 100mm 117kPa (17psi) 241kPa (35psi)
200mm – 300mm 178 – 311 100mm 117kPa (17psi) 206kPa (30psi)
300mm – 450mm 273 – 477 100mm 89kPa (13psi) 172kPa (25psi)
375mm – 750mm 368 – 775 150mm 75kPa (11psi) 172kPa (25psi)
500mm – 1000mm 475 – 1000 150mm 59kPa (8.7psi) 151kPa (22psi)
600mm – 1200 510 – 1270 150mm 68kPa (10psi) 151kPa (22psi)
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