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Well Point Dewatering, What is it ? and What are the Advantages ?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

WellPoint dewatering is a process used to remove groundwater from an area. This is typically done using a series of wellpoints, which are small wells that are installed in the ground at intervals around the area where the groundwater needs to be removed. The wellpoints are connected to a pump, which is used to draw the groundwater out of the ground and direct it away from the site. WellPoint dewatering is commonly used in construction projects, where it is necessary to remove groundwater in order to excavate or build foundations. It is also used in environmental remediation projects, where it is necessary to remove contaminated groundwater in order to clean up a site.

Well points being installed by Excavator


What are the advantages for well point dewatering ?

  • It is a relatively low-cost and efficient way to remove groundwater from an area.

  • It can be used in a variety of different soil types and conditions.

  • It is a flexible method that can be easily adapted to changing conditions on a site.

  • It is relatively easy to install and maintain.

  • It can be used to remove large volumes of groundwater quickly.

  • It can be used in conjunction with other dewatering methods to provide an effective solution for removing groundwater from a site.


What are the disadvantages for well point dewatering ?

  • Limited effectiveness in cohesive soils with low permeability.

  • Well points may clog with fine particles and debris, leading to reduced efficiency unless correct filter media is used.

  • Regular maintenance and monitoring are necessary to ensure continuous operation.

  • Depth limitations for effective dewatering, which may not be suitable for very deep excavations.

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